Stillness of the Heart

All spiritual traditions value stillness, for only then can we truly access the Divine within. In the stillness of the heart we can hear the quiet voice of own true nature, our divine teacher.

I remember once long ago when I was learning to listen, and I had enough spare time at a shopping centre to sit for a coffee. I asked myself “Where shall I go?”  and although my mind had an idea, my heart answered differently. So I went to the coffee shop my heart indicated, and ordered my drink. When I turned around to find a seat I was amazed to see a woman who had been my neighbour in a country town during my childhood! What a treat …. How good and wonderful it is to be led by the heart!

Louise Wiggins, an inspirational yoga teacher from Adelaide teaches mantras to help us maintain and access our inner teacher. “Today I have the strength to shield my stillness within” is one of Louise’s favourites.

Quoting the Law of Potentiality: “The source of all creation is pure consciousness…..  This is our essential nature…… But first we have to experience stillness……stillness alone is the potentiality for creativity…..wherever you go in the midst  of movement, carry your stillness within you.  Then the chaotic movement around you will never overshadow your access to the reservoir of creativity, the field of pure potentiality…..” that can, for example, organise a meeting with someone you have not seen for twenty years!

Eckhart Tolle writes “ Stillness is your essential nature. What is stillness? The inner space or awareness in which the words on this page are being perceived and become thoughts. Without that awareness there would be no perception, no thoughts, no world.  You are that awareness disguised as a person”.

Don’t be confused by the many names that are given to the Divine within you, just look for yourself in the stillness of the heart.



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