Heart of Nature

Residing in the heart, we have ready access to the heart of nature. Let the mind stay quiet and cooperative, while you follow the gentle guidance of the heart, even if it seems to make no sense. The heart knows, and you can check with your belly if you need reassurance.

Listening to nature, we are able to receive her gifts. Years ago I learnt how to make bush flower essences, thanks to Ian White. However it was always places in nature that called me to collect their essence, rather than flowers, or shells or precious stones. The first one I made was near here, gathering the energy of the huge granite boulders that stood against the sea at Grey Rocks. A strong magnetic grounding energy that helped many people make contact with the earth, bringing a new strength, stability and groundedness into their lives.

While in New Zealand in January Donna asked us if we would like to go out into the forest at dawn, to listen to the bellbirds calling. I prepared a small bottle of local water and took it with me, intending to collect the ‘essence’ of the dawn bird song. I silently asked permission, recognising and honouring the nature spirits of the forest in which our retreat centre nestled. As we left the building the singing already filled the air, and as we walked quietly through an avenue of thick bushy trees, rich melodious song erupted from birds beside us, above us, all around. It was so loud and extraordinary that I felt like laughing with joy! We settled on a grassy slope amongst taller trees, and listened as the birds competed with each other to attract attention. A crescendo of sweet rich bellbird tones rose and fell, soaring and floating in cool air as the blackness of night began to give way to the grey light of dawn.

It was not yet light when the singing dwindled; I went inside and added brandy to the water to seal the essence. I held it against my heart, and felt a fine vibration shimmering through the heart chakra, rippling out in all directions, running through the sheaths, so that I felt I was tingling from top to toe. A beautiful gift from the birds and the forest, an essence that others later felt too, one felt it instantly tingling through her, and said she had goosebumps, and another said it felt as though a small bird was rustling in her hand. This dawn bellbird essence is sweet, warm, effective for clearing and balancing the koshas. Now it is made up into dose bottles and I can share it with others.


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